http://be-hacked.skynetblogs.be directory of hacks

The belgian internet sites have been under attack since long from mostly Turkish hackers. Most of the times they just leave a message and some graphics and video but sometimes the admins have to make the site all over again.


Sometimes these admins don't care at all and leave their site as that.

So this is the public view




with an rssfeed of the 50 still hacked sites

will someone get those sites from the net please or get them to clean up ?

This is more complete than the index at zone-h.org


For ISP's I have a google alert listing of tens of names that can be used for .be sites and to which you can subscribe by sending me a mail (contact)


how do you make such a listing for your domain or sites

go to google, go to google alerts, type in some general words like hack, muslim, turk and than some names of hackers most active and than choose web and choose when something happens or just take your sites and ask to be informed if something happens (but Google doesn't update that fast so you will be too late)


For the moment I am uploading the long list of still hacked belgian sites and the screenshots. The best one will come in an archive (may is that already)




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