Some belgian ISP's have some very dangereous DNS

SAFE dns
ns2.telenet-ops.be. []
ns.telenet-ops.be. []
ns3.skynet.be. []
ns4.skynet.be. []
ns1.skynet.be. []
ns2.skynet.be. []
ns1.scartech.be. []
ns2.scartech.be. []
ns3.scartech.be. []
ns1.anaxis.be. []
ns2.anaxis.be. []

Very Yellow DNS
ns1.netnames.net. [ (NO GLUE)] [GB]
ns2.netnames.net. [ (NO GLUE)] [GB]
ns02.rrn-ns.net. [ (NO GLUE)] [BE]
ns01.rrn-ns.net. [ (NO GLUE)]


danger DNS
ns01.chello.com. [ (NO GLUE)] [NL]
ns02.chello.com. [ (NO GLUE)] [NL]
amsns01.chello.com. [ (NO GLUE)]
falun.dns.swip.net. [ (NO GLUE)] [SE]
ns.uni2.net. [ (NO GLUE)] [DK]
brutele01.brutele.be. [] [BE]
brutele02.brutele.be. []  [BE]


checked with the safe DNS lookup function at your right (thanks to domaindoctor)  You can use it for whatever site. If a site has an open DNS server, than you should stay away for it because it is open to attacks, spoofing and can be very easily put out of business


The DNS is the brain of the internet and makes the connection between your domainnames and the ip adresses of the servers. Without it we would all be typing ip adresses again. Only one should be aware that instead of attacking individual pc's it is easier for malware-crook to infect dns servers

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