exploits, hacking attacks and war

When tension is rising in the real world, especially in the middle-east, you can reckon that our digital infrastructures will be hit and scanned even harder by cyberwarriors, as they are calling themselves.


Taken together that a number of - even unpatched exploits - are coming out against office files and parts of open source programs like mambo, phpbb and even against the linux kernel itself, the situation can become more dangereous and especially if you are on holiday without having started a monitoring service on your infrastructure.


 Don't let yourself be fooled by the absence of press reports or the green indicators of antivirus and security firms. These green indicators are as always compared with the interne-involving attacks like red worm and sasser (as a reminder have a look at http://sasser.skynetblogs.be) and are just historical trends indicators, not an indicator of the actual situation.

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