two belgian hostingfirms lost their servers to hackers overnight

hundreds of belgian sites were hacked overnight

IIS 6 

change of the frontpage

very well know turkish hacker BiyoSecurityTeam


Agent Technical Contacts:
   Last Name:     Hostingcentral Support
   Company Name:  Hostingcentral
   Company Name2: ESNS
   Language:      N
   Street:        Vrijdagmarkt 9
   Location:      2000 Antwerpen
   Country:       Belgium
   Phone:         +32.90044455
   Fax:           +32.32895172
   Email:         domains@hostingcentral.biz
      the downing of this server was responsable for most of the servers
      of this attack


and by another well-known hacker  TheHacker that hacked another portion of servers that are technically managed (according to Whois)


  Last Name:     Register.be Technical Support
   Company Name:  Register.be
   Language:      E
   Street:        Rue de Verdunstraat, 742
   Location:      1130 Brussels
   Country:       Belgium
   Phone:         +32.22473700
   Fax:           +32.22473701
   Email:         info@register.be


most of the sites are coming back again or giving blank pages


just remember

once hacked is always attacked

so review all of your defenses and upgrade them


* place a reverse proxy if you have a little money to invest (of another OS wouldn't be a bad idea) a reverse proxy is a proxy that is woking like a mirror and has only one function (showing on port 80 or 443) and NOTHING else.

* upgrade your firewall with an application defense


this was not new


it is time that hostingfirms have legal obligations to better defend their clients

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