tens of hacked belgian sites since the 22 of july still hacked

the unix server from ev1s-66-98-208-34.ev1servers.net  was hacked the 22th of july and since then the belgian sites on it hasn't been reset - did anyone notice ? It is clear that the hosting firm has no guardian tool alarming it of any changes.


so this is propaganda or a lie or just .......

World-class everything. It’s simpler that way.

What’s more important? Instantaneous service? Eliminating downtime? Data security? Virus protection? Smooth traffic flow? Expandability? Responsive tech support? Remote capabilities? Unbeatable prices? Yes. That’s why, rather than prioritize, we simply don’t let anything slip through the cracks.

You’re probably going to want to see some proof about now.

Our data centers don’t allow single points of failure. We’re redundant to the point of being redundant, with multiple spares of every part on hand to make sure. Our network is designed to keep the clean data flying, and the illegitimate stuff feeling completely left out of the loop. Our equipment is absolutely the best there is, and the instant we have yours up and running, we give you total—and mostly remote—control. Unless you need our help, in which case, we’re all ears 24 hours a day


find all the sites here


and several pages before and after, one after another


shoot the messenger, not the messingupenger

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