Some Spyware news

* Rogue browsers not to install : Netbrowser - Yapbrowser - browsezilla


* New spyware  trymedia.com


* Don't use this service : hpHOSTS  This is a domain blocklists of 'spammes, scammers, spyware,.....' that is being managed by the community but after some research it seems to block also antispyware-activists and leave through some real spyware and adware. Furthermore it doesn't respond positively to demands to be 'cleared'.


The following .be  domains are included

ad.ero.be - ads.publicast.be - ads.stepstone.be - afterthehype.be - babenet.be - banners.easysolutions.be - sextracker.be - b-annuaire.be - count.be - doubleclick.be - durresi.be - e.angiebroberg.com.be - insites.be - linkexchange.be - looknmeet.be - medicinese.be - netvertising.be - partners.dial.be - swordchuck.be - babewixer.be - lovo.be


* Some malicious nodes are being installed and are active on emule-edonkey to spread malware and trojans according to this research.


* The rogue antispyware malware installer spylock has been renamed. Block the domain spylocked.com for starters. More info here.


* Those two American spyware companies proof that reaching an settlement instead of getting all the way to court, makes on impression at all on them.

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