Joost has the hype, but others the boost

The hype about TVstreaming coming to your pc is all about Joost. The main question is even not if it is feasible, but if the same guys from P2P and Skype can pull if off again with TV. It is a personal thing, not a technological analysis.


So the main media miss the point. Joost has two main problems that will be hard to overcome. First they will ask too much bandwith from users who are limited to some giga's a month by their ISP (as is the case in Belgium for example). It should also be interesting to see how Joost, IPTV like BelgacomTV and VOIP would interfere on the same router and line. Secondly it is the old MSNTV all over again. Channels don't work on PC, as was already proven before. On a PC we like to choose, we are in command, we want to interfere. The TV is like a bit of amusing furniture at which we watch or not, but is also there and giving us snippets of music, news or just background chatter.


And about that chatter. People will be able to chat about programs. Looks interesting and maybe the next fad. But when will people just shut (or should I say Chat) up ?


And the other negative about this focus on personality is that they forget that there are other players on the field and that Joost hasn't won the battle because the war hasn't even started.


* http://babelgum.com/  beta. You can place your videostreams and vlogs for free here and be paid for every thousand views. They will try to have hundreds of specific channels. Doesn't seem to have great demands on hardware.


* http://socialtv.mediazone.com/  another player with more channels but more focused on sports and specific content. Has also interactive and social functions.

Use the software of http://www.tvkoo.com  Also very light. They are also Chinese as http://www.uusee.com/download/  Many startups coming out of the illegal retransmission of satellite images world are getting money from western investors. The biggest advantage is that they already have millions of users and know how to transmit tv-streams without consuming all the personal bandwith of the user.


* http://zattoo.com/about This software is showing normal TV channels as we know them, but they don't have the rights for the whole world and even some programs will have to be blackened out to respect copyrights. A TV station that buys a tv program, never buys it for the whole world, but only for its own geographical entitiy. So it goes that not one channel is available for Belgium. Or you will have to go through a proxy. (Have the impression that paid proxy services are becoming more and more interesting).


and so on and so on. Type P2PTV in Google and you will see where the money is because Joost has a problem with bandwith and the investors are showing it.

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