Kurt Vonnegut is dead

Maybe most of the belgian readers don't know Kurt Vonnegut but he is one of those writers that inspired me since my youth (and that's some time ago). I would say that his writings helped me becoming the man I am and believing in and figthing for the things as I do. He is best known for his novel 'Slaughterhouse Five' about the bombardements in Dresden, but he has written many other novels.


For people who still think about technology and the impact it is having on society as a whole I would recommend reading "The piano player". It is kind of 'Tale of the Two cities" but in this story it is a computer who decides who is smart enough to work in the upper city of gold and who will have to go to the other city.


Farewells can be posted in this newsgroups


And for those who hate everything american, this is an boycotted, banned but fighting american  (read this quote) every true democrat learns to like and love. Think I will begin rereading his books (have them nearly all).


on http://ebooks.skynetblogs.be  you will find a zipfile in the coming hour with a collection of texts and articles, speeches. There won't be any copyrighted illegal downloaded text in it, so don't ask.

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