You don't have to wait or pay for Iphone to get this

Kids live by their mobile. It is their personality, their social life, their gametool, their archive, their whatever they want.


So why not give it a really personal look and feel.

This tool understood this very well.

I am not sure if it will work with European cellphones, but the concept will ring a bell.   http://www.myxertones.com/default/


and in the US (where venture capital is explosing in wireless developments) another company getmobio.com is offering a whole bunch of applications and looks for your phones. The breakthrough is that already one provider has opened its network so that their users can use and download these services. Iphone on the other hand will be a closed environment. If at the same time the other mobile carriers can offer a whole supermarket of applications and music and services for an acceptable price, than Iphone may be one pricehike too much. Another important aspect is that the mobile carriers should include in their agreements that these sites should include the most stringent security and privacy norms and services. As ohones will become the next frontier if that is where the money will be.

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