Overhyping small web2.0 services

As everybody is on the lookout for the next Youtube to explode on the web, media and blogs are trying to be the first to find the next real thing while venture investors are trying to spread their investments as wide as possible. Every week another web2.0 is going out of beta or adding services or announcing new tresholds being passed. But behind the hype and the thousands of testers that leave after a short time, isn't much to show for.

Look at twitter the nanoblogging service, which means that you can blog every minute about what you are doing. They had a very geek journalist joining them early followed by some 4000 readers. But as his artistic name was TWIT he decided to part for an alternative service Jaiku before too  much confusing was there. So he left. What happened to those 2 big web2.0 names that were the hype of the media, online and offline ? One has problems now finding members and the other crashed....

Some of 4000 people go to a new webbased service and it crashes..... That's good infrastructure and planning.... Amateuristic underfunded and overhyped nontested crap yes.

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