Conduit toolbars a spyware to disable ?

http://campaign.conduit.com/cj/  presents a Free toolbar builder for different browsers and says that  130.000 have already been built, of which also firms, schools and organisations (such as greenpeace). One moment I thought I will try it, but during the setup process there were too many blocked choices and that seemed tricky.


A Google gave me more information.

* Every search term and every click in your browser is sent to conduit from the moment you log on. And as the AOL dataleak showed, there is no guarantee what happens with your data when it is not under your control.


* The  browser toolbar has been removed from Mozilla addons because it uses javascript and that can be (will be) a securityhole. Even if they say nowadays that they have removed the javascript.


The question nowadays with spyware is not if it installs something or not, but what it does. The spyware installations that come with some free downloads do the same things the Conduit toolbar does itself (send all clicks and search terms to another server to be pooled). Even if they say that you have clicked on terms and conditions, this won't say that you have completely understood that all your search and browserhistory will somewhere be on a far away server. New download or not.

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