dehype : IPTV is peanuts for marketing

Stop the hype. IPTV is a niche market and an archive-option (replay) but not a replacement for tv-programming. The numbers are just staggering depressive if you compare it with the number of viewers for tv-programming. And you have to take into account that these online programs can be watched at any time any place for free.


So has TV lost its power ? NO.

It has now another medium to integrate. And they can optimize the earnings before by hyping online, get a more personalised relationship with the viewers during the screenings and continue that relationship with the fans (even diminishing over time) afterwards online. Maybe there is some money to be made, but not that much as to keep your viewers happy about your network and to learn to love your network, not just watch it.


For niche-tv channels or programming this is a completely different situation because the cost for making Internet Television is peanuts compared to traditional TV programs. So they better switch.

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