Luckily she didn't invite the whole internet

Let's organise a party webstyle anno 2007 web2.0 and invite our friends and publish all our details and location to everybody so it won't be difficult to find us for the partycrashers.


Well, this should have made a heavy popular Youtube video if you read the story. This silly 17 year old says that her Myspace account was hacked (maybe she didn't change her passwords since last year when thousands of Myspace passwords were made public) and that the invitation was sent to hundreds of people. The invitation itself was rewritten so that it looked as if she was having a party to destroy her house. (Parents were on holiday thinking she was studying - we were all once so young).


So that evening more than 140 partycrashers came ringing the bell. But when she refused to open the door, they came in by the windows or whatever that was open(ed). Not knowing what to do in such a situation, she just panicked and did nothing. When everybody had left, damages accounted for 35.000 Euro's. She is now hiding from her parents which she can't face for the moment.


What a digital memory for your future. You will allways be the girl that organised the most publicised home-trash party ever organised. And we didn't see the pics and vids yet. Hope she did behave on the party.... Or her parents would be in for a second shock.



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