Is all unibet publicity illegal ?

Since the more or less legalisation of the casino's in Belgium, the parliament has installed an administration to control the voted legislation and to give the permissions. They also rule about new demands or technical interpretations of the voted legislation and transfers infractions to the courts.


Unibet is  now having a problem because it is in Belgium illegal to make or place advertising for betting other than the ones from the national lottery. The commission decided to apply that reglementation and to transfer each infraction to the courts. As the Belgian courts are not known for their responsiveness, it may take a while before we see any indictions.


Meanwhile we have the advertising for unibet next to our skynetblogs, we have a domain sponsering poker with unibetfree.be (a Belgian domainname, given out by a Belgian based organisation liable under Belgian law) and a lot of other casino sites in be or links to casino's or poker.


Are they legal or not ? And who is liable ? And if a blogger here places a link to them ? Difficult to ask him to take it away if skynetblogs itself advertises for an online poker game....

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Of course it's not illegal to place a link If you are not paid to place a link you are not advertising.

BTW. unibetFree.be is just a free game with no money involved, so advertising for them is also no problem.

Gepost door: Jan deklerck | 23-04-07

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