Support Internet radio under copyright attack

As written before copying like in the old days radiostreams is one way of collecting your cd without surfing through P2P networks with all the risks involved. But the online radio's in the US are under an very hardfought copyright attack. If the plan goes through they will have to pay more than normal radio's and other firms.

You can participate here, this is if you listen to american radio to have some salsa, rock, Washington Political Talk Radio or country on your pc


For bloggers, banners are here


In Belgium there is Sabam and Sabam has already published here sky-high rates. But I am not sure if every pc-turned radiostation knows that they also have to pay, even if they have 2 listeners. Just as free radio in the beginning in Belgium has led to a blossoming of talent and a new musicscene, has internet radio the same potential. And the musicindustry needs new superstars or musictrends as fast as their income from old ones is disappearing. Climate change.

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