Belgian spamharvesters and spamzombies

The Honeypotproject is a collection of honeypots that tries to receive as much bad traffic as possible and puts out the resulting IP addresses publicly.


Spamharvesters are pc's that crawl over the internet looking for emailadresses on webpages that aren't protected. They send those afterwards to mailservers. The spamhoneypots try to make the connection between the visit of the harvester and the resulting spam from the mailserver.


The Belgian emailharvesters in april were for example

1. spamharvester  Most treathening
Connected with NL IP adres mailserver mailtotaal.com

senderbase voor mailtotaal
robtex voor mailtotaal

2. spamharvester 

ISC Systems iRc Search 2.1

Connected with mailserver   terra.es


3. Spamharvester

American mail servers associated


4. Harvester 
american mail servers associated
1 Indian mail server
sends also russian spam
connected with American  harvesters

The Belgian PC's that are sending spam through other - mostly American - mailservers are for example
http://www.projecthoneypot.org/i_f07d4dc0a739593dd7b32033... (S)   -  harvester  (US) - mailservers US (S)   -  harvester Singapore  - mailserver US (S)    -  harvester  (US) - mailserver US (S)   -  harvester  (D) - mailserver US (S)   -  harvester  (US) - mailserver US (S)   -  harvester Singapore  - mailserver US (S)   -  harvester  US

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