have fun with javascript : shock them to death

Well if you are bored with trolling and doing the same things all over again and even bullying in internet forums isn't worth the pizza and coke, than you can make with some javascript a redirect script that will send visitors to a bogus page (call it links to free films or free xxx passwords) to hundreds of pages at the same time - effectively bringing their pc to a halt and calling everybody else in the office-home to come and have a look (and you won't be able to turn the sound off). Imagine that the webpages that will continue to open on your screen at a very fast paste (if you haven't unplugged your pc before) are hardcore mengay porn (big close up of an ass), all kinds of medical sites and sexual tastes that seem very strange (anyone actually see shit on someone ?). A troll group in the US has specialised itself in incorporating scripts and links like that all over the web. Boy, what a fun was that.... Good laugh over a beer.



Do not visit the linked sites, they use all kinds of javascript tricks and exploits to do their tricks. If you are a networkadmin block access if you don't have a filter.

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