talk to each other, don't only email

There has been a lot of discussion lately about emailless fridays and the impact it has on social life in the office. People actually discovered that their collegue was only 10 minutes from them and was really a nice guy.


After the blackout of blackberry (or should we could it blackoutberry) a story appeared in an otherwise more or less serious online techpublication about a guy that had lost his girlfriend because he didn't respond to her emails he was getting too late. So she broke up because she thought he was ignorig her (for 4 hours).  He will now throw blackberry-out.


Lucky guy. Imagine they were married and having kids....  At the other side people are getting too speeded up by technology. So cool down a bit. Nothing changes or goes as fast as email, chat and surfing. Not in the real world and even not in the technology world.

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