Yahoo mailservices uses data from phishtank.com

www.Phishtank.com  is a community based list of websites that have been controlled for being phishing servers used to abstract login data from users of financial online services.


The datastreams are now getting even more credibility by the fact that Yahoo will use the data to protect its 250 million online webmailusers with those data.


Yahoo certainly makes work of securing its online webmailusers. Which is certainly not the case of the Belgian ISP's..... Even if there is a New Telecommunication Law..... Promises Promises.


oh and no, you don't have to pay Yahoo extra  for this... Not even peanuts as they are asking here and there for all these kinds of services, thinking that we are monkeys. (5 euro for this, 2 euro for this, 5 euro for this and so on....)

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