Interweaving web 2.0 services

For the last couple of months I have been playing with several web2.0 services and also thinking about what to do with all the data on my pc and several websites. This blog ain't so easy to use for forms and every solution had something that made it not the best choice for every question. So I had to find several solutions at different web2.0 places. You can answer that Google, Yahoo and MS try to give an allround solution, but it is not always as good as the original. They can buy the original as they do (but I hope they don't mess it up afterwards....)


So I have decided to use bloglines.com for my RSS feeds and FURL.net for articles that need a copy before they disappear or become expensive.


Meanwhile working at something else that will be finished in some weeks and will be beautiful and useful. So you will have to wait a little.

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