security review for work tomorrow (a lot is happening)

First and all there are some new viruses and trojans and spambots making the round. So control tomorrow if your antivirus installations are uptodate and be careful when opening mails.


Secondly there are some new exploits out and you should upgrade some programs.

* exploit against photoshop and paint shop pro with malformed .png and .bmp images

* exploits against Trillian make interception of your conversation possible and more (so you should update)

* gtalk from Google can be used to transfer files, but that is a bad idea now it seems that one can send code with the files

* winamp should block all mp4 files because they can be used to trigger code on the pc after a new exploit was developed

* you should also be sure that the java (web start) clients are updated to the latest version because security restrictions can be bypassed


and this maybe the most important on a traditional network


* You should upgrade your DNS BIND if you have that running. It fixes some problems (and the DNS is the brain of your network)

A compiled Windows (2000/2003/xp) versions are now avalable from isc.org

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