some web 2.0 services

http://www.platial.com/map/1768  web2.0 innovation map - add yours and use this new but exiting service (much hype, not so much activity once you get inside)


http://www.citeulike.org/  books and articles scientific but not all are accessabile for free

http://aworldofhelp.com/home/tech.htm  hardcore porn spam links are an example of another web2.0 service with too few members falling victim to spammers


http://www.networkmenus.co.uk/  share your public bookmarks with  friends with an password and a browserbar


http://www.confessite.com/  confessions online


http://www.rentometer.com/  for owners in London and New York


http://www.metacritic.com/    discuss books and films

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