Widgets and closed communities

Widgets of webapplets are being used to transfer information from the original sites on startpages like www.pageflakes.com, www.netvibes.com or those from the big ones like www.live.com from Microsoft, Igoogle and MyYahoo.


THere was a time some time ago that these were made from Javascript or html forms and that it was quite simple to integrate them in whatever the site.


Nowadays the widgets for one don't necessary work on the other one and so contentproviders have to provide different solutions to all of those solutions. For the uses it is also a mess in which they don't necessarily can use the same info in for example live.com they were using on Yahoo.com or another one.


This is called a closed community and it is maybe time for an open standard because this ain't the way to transfer information across the frontiers of the different closed communities. Set the people free, let the content flow, break the widgets. One widget for all.

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