Florida returns to paperproof voting

So all internetgurus and useless-technology-salesmakers, this is the first time your never- ending assault on the instruments of democracy have not only failed, but have got a serious setback.


Democracy is too important to leave it only to machine on which we never can put all our faith - for various reasons. These may be very practical - pc's need electricity - to nearly paranoid - you never really know for sure what really happens in these machines. There is no need to have a winner by the 8o'clock news. There is no need to have a result that can't be disputed or recounted if possible to make sure that everything is according to plan. So yes, let's have a paper ballot next to machines so we can always control anytime if there is any difference between the results of the machine and those in the paperbox. And Florida goes even further - no more machines. Historic.


And for the Belgians. Yes bring all the important votes together on one date (local, federal, regional, provincial and European) One big campaign, One big democratic debate on every level and than 6 years to finish what you have promised.


"In a historic vote, the Florida House today unanimously passed CS/HB 537, already passed in the Senate, that provides almost all voters paper ballots in time for the 2008 Presidential election, and bans paperless DREs [direct-recording electronic voting machines], and bans paperless DREs outright by 2021

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