Visa Card unsecurity propaganda

A panic went through the Belgian users of VISA as headlines appeared that Visa sent several thousands of letters telling those users that they had to call to cancel their actual cards and get new ones.


First it is quite stupid to show intelligent phishers how to do it in the future and to make users acustomed to such invitations. As their are banks where they should have got those cards, it would be better to send them to their banks instead of just phoning. Phishing by Phone has been done already in the US by using the Open source Asteriks VOIP.


Secondly they should name the database or the service that was not sufficiently secured. Maybe it should be better to have such as in California that obliges firms to send out notices each time their service or network was compromised.


Thirdly the future is in cards that you buy in your bank for a limited specific amout and that can be thrown away afterwards. No link to the real money.

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