boycot Eurovision in Belgrade next year

First of all this Eurovision is one big joke because you can easily preview the votes and so it ain't any fun anymore. Maybe someone in Eastern Europe still looks and gets exited about it, but I couldn't care less during the last years.


Going next year to Belgrade for Belgium is the same as playing football in Argentina when the generals were in power or going to Russia when it was invading Afghanistan. So don't go.


Unless they prosecute all their war criminals that had such fun killing people like dogs (on our tv night after night) and pay damages and accept that they have to change if they want to be accepted in a democratic community of countries.


And so maybe we will have lots of taxpayers money that our tv stations can invest in interesting things and real culture.

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Napusis mi se kurca majmune!

Gepost door: lolfromrussia | 25-05-08

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