100 headlines from my Furl links

I don't surf the net anymore, I just select and keep a furled page everytime I see something that interests me. If it is an article I'll scribd it and if it is too big I'll put it on box.net or on snippets. The advantage of furl.net is that it keeps a chachd copy of the page so you will always find the information back even if it is gone. Maybe Copiepresse can start a trial over that. (than there are 100 other such services and softwares, so what is the use). The landing on Normandie has started and the dunes are already taken over. so because I am not blogging that much anymore won't say that I stopped surfing and reading. Proof is that my bloglines collection of rss feeds has now way over 900 feeds, nicely organized (the link is at your left here).So you will find the 100 latest furled articles everyday next to this. Or you could take the RSS feed if you want. For the readers I should warn you, I am like the web, wandering around with my thousands of interests and reading in three languages flipping from one to another. Some other new things are in the works. Keep posted.

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