First Analysis of the map of Belgian DNS servers

First it seems very balanced, having DNS servers all around the place, but that is not the question. The question is if the DNS servers are placed where the people are coming from. Dns servers should be as close to their users as possible. So the servers in Belgium are they used mostly by Chezs, Dutch, Italians and people on the Isle of Man ? Why not in the States, France, Spain ? On basis of what has been the taken the decision to locate the DNS servers there ?Secondly it seems very dispersed but it isn't. The three most important servers are ALL in Heverlee, Leuven where the central is. This means that the greatest single point of Failure is concentrated in the Building of the organisation that is reasponsable (sic) for the management (sic) of our public Domain presence. Watch out for some more analysis that will surprise you in the coming weeks.Although as with taxonweb I maybe have to keep it silent for a while.

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