tomorrow a new blog about netvibes

From tomorrow on a new blog will be live about netvibes. It will publish modules and searchforms that I use myself or that seem very interesting.

fact is that I am concentrating more and more stuff on only a few media

so i won't be experimenting here anymore with looks and gadgets

if it won't work on netvibes, it doesn't interest me

try www.netvibes.com

it is a kind of startpage

in my experience it is faster than live.com and better than pageflakes

and in Google I only got to add only an few modules to their igoogle

and Yahoo is nice, but it is not the same thing and not that easy

for the security people, a whole lot of security modules for netvibes will be published from the 23 th of May but you could also have a look at the other stuff that is quite handy for a webworker


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