The beginning of be-up.skynetblogs.be

In this blog we will publish the tools and numbers of free speedtesting and uptime testing tools. We will start with the excellent service http://mon.itor.us.

We have been testing internally serveral sites for the last several months. This list was built upon the popularity indexes and some sites we thought that would be interesting to add. The list is by noways complete, but adding sites depends on available itme and so on. The disadvantage for the moment is that you can only take indications from one ping location at a time and that only three ping services are available of which 2 are very close to each other (Germany and Autriche). We have chosen Germany for the moment.

We will put more services and statistics online in the coming weeks - months. Nothing is more important after security than being accessable. Even if this means tweaking and changing things all down the route or untill deep into the webprograms and servers to make things faster.

We have limited ourselves to the .be domain because here it is possible to show that the importance of a good DNS distribution and infrastructure.

The domainname is also managed by a more or less public organisation and should be accountable.

a tip fgov.be is slowly going down, down, down..... and more analysis to come


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