Chaos with paper ballots

Counting paper ballots can be a daunting task if one doesn't follow some simple rules.


* follow strictly the rules that are set out by the local controllers (in our case the judiciary) and do not think that because you did it this way last time that it will be exactly the same this time.


Note : It would be better to organize a training day for the presidents of the counting groups. If the President knows more or less how to do it, fine but some newbies had a hard time listening to advice and were holding their counters ('volunteers') hostage.


* have at least a presence of informed supervisors present in the places where the major counting is done so questions can be asked directly without going to the courthouse each time.


Having some counters which have done it before at each table or at a later hour to help counting commissions that are drawing in chaos present or stand-by.


* some counting tricks for the next time


count all the papers in the box/sack to control if the numbers on the box/sack correspond

open all the papers and organise them for each party

when you count put them in packages of 10

have a global look at each paper to control if it is really correct

do not let the same people recount the same packages

do not change papers from package without clearly first changing the numbers and totals (you will find mistakes throughout the recountings)


Am I for computerized voting ?

Yes and No. If we use computers, we should have a printout paper proof aside from it and afterwards we should compare the two results at random.

That is the way things are going in the US, the country with the highest number of elections and the longest history of using voting technology. This is based upon a long experience.


In elections (and democracy) you'd better be correct than sorry.

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