web2.0 without users

Web2.0 and the investment stupidity around it has many programmers thinking that whatever they have or can, they should put it on the web and maybe someone with more money than intelligence will eventually buy it and they will be rich for the rest of their days. What they do forget is that it are users that are driving investors, not technology. Of course you can be bought when it seems that your technology is better than the ones the buyers have and because this seems cheaper than rewriting all their code themselves or taking a license but that is not the primary goal in web2.0 creaziness.


And when you look a bit under the roof of these projects and sites (beta or not) you will find that the number of users is quite small, sometimes even ridiculuous. And even if there are thousands of them, than you see that most new users are test testing it out and leaving it, maybe because it is not yet integrated into bigger applications, networks or platforms.


The most astonishing thing is that they are investing probably most of the money in technology and that promotion and cooperation between projects is not that important. Which is stupid because the most important thing is to stand above the crowd. And even if your technology or platform is not the best, it should be the most used because that is the only thing that matters. Afterwards you can hire away the developers from those that have better code but no traffic. Promotion specialists have a future.

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