Your Belgian passport may be read by any RFID hacker

Last year the Belgian government introduced new passport with a RFID chip in it. But instead of learning something about the security problems and initiatives that were taken in the US after research and the uproar, they just went ahead. They didn't even wanna listen to the FEDICT because they all knew best and would do it all by themselves as big boys. Children playing with lego's yes or kids with the anarchist cookbook and blowing themselves up.


When the first uproar about this started they said that the second generation of Belgian passports would be better protected. THIS IS NOT THE CASE as new research shows (may I congratulate these Belgian researchers and may I hope more will come - bugs in the EID for example ? to give a hint).


So what will that prove. That anyone near you in for example an airport with an RFID receiver can read the data (even your signature) on your passport, which could maybe be used for impersonation or false documents. Maybe this is the first big hole in our identification system that will make ID-theft against Belgian possible.


The Belgian researchers are calling to withdraw immediately all the Belgian Passports of the first generation and to make the international norms even more stricter. That is clearly not enough, every IT project with security risks must be turned inside out before releasing it.


It is easier to hold an European conference on Cybercrime than to respect a best practices with your own IT services and technology.



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