Major mailservers from Belgian major ISP's used for spam

1. Proximus server - honeypot info

IP Information for

Location: Belgium Belgium Proximus-mi
Host: 3600 IN PTR 17-105-169-81.mobileinternet.proximus.be.
Blacklist Clear  (for now)
inetnum: -
netname:   BE-PROXIMUS-MI3

2. TVD Brussels ISP  honeypot info


IP Information for

IP Location: Belgium Belgium Brussels Tvd Internet - Upc Belgium - Chello
Revolve Host: 10800 IN PTR cable-213-132-131-104.upc.chello.be.
IP Address:
Blacklist Currently Listed (history)
inetnum: -
netname:   TVD-INTERNET
descr:    TVD Internet - UPC Belgium - Chello
descr:    ISP - CATV operator Brussels/Leuven

3. UPC - TVD Brussels   Honeypot info

inetnum: -
org:      ORG-TIUB1-RIPE
netname:    BE-TVD-20050805
descr:     UPC Belgium

4. Skynet.be  Honeypot information

IP Information for

 Location: Belgium Belgium Liege Belgacom Sa/nv
Blacklist Clear

inetnum: -
netname:    SKYNET-B
descr:     Belgacom SA/NV
descr:     Internet access provider

5. Tele2  Honeypot information

IP Information for

IP Location: Belgium Belgium Brussels Tele2 Belgium
Revolve Host:
IP Address:
Blacklist : Clear
inetnum: -
netname:    BE-TELE2
descr:     TELE2 Belgium
descr:     Adsl
descr:     TELE2 / SWIPNET

En dit geldt ook voor    Brutele   Honeypot info   Blacklisted


You can find more on http://www.projecthoneypot.org and you can participate by placing some code on your websites.


But what does the above mean

It can mean that

*  They do no spamfiltering from their users to users outside their network

*   Their mailservers IP addresses are used by others because they use no keys or identification mechanism

*  Their mailservers are being used by others  (maybe the same trick as was used against the mailservers from Vlaanderen.be)


Who knows ? The administrators can and they should start to pay attention because already two servers are in an automated blacklist. This can mean that certain mails from their users won't be accepted without explanation by some mailservers that use these blacklists as such. These mailservers are used by thosuands of businesses and people. Who often don't have a clue.

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