fedpol.be and ecops hacked into history

after mil.be

the police and the digital cops

how good are the ecops

will they find the so-called 17 year old hacker

Can they do real forensics ?

Can they traceroute through proxies, botnets, hacked DNS and so on ?


the most funny thing is that they were hacked around 12u - they are not sure - so normally the security people would have been watching live - or would they be busy eating sandwiches and talking about the coming holidays ?


This is the reason why you should have real-time monitoring software on big monitors in your monitoring room with one looking at your servers and alerting about changes. (Hey somebody working at our site right now ? No ? Oké someone is getting root - get the logs there, put the sniffer on catch-all there, be sure to have the logs from the host intrustion detection software on a cd - do you already know which ISP - yes, call them - we' re gonna get that ....)


or is it

hey joe, had a phone call that our site has been hacked

our site hacked, no your are joking

look in my browser it still looks fine

maybe it is your cache

my what

oh I will refresh



Spycheck team is it called

for the joke, spycheck is an antiporn software

The names that are mentioned are not known like that in the public hackers world, spytech is intelligence technology so that is interesting


Maybe it is an insider joke

porn vamps against antiporn software that uses spytech


the journalist that took the screentest also lost much of his information

- he uses internet explorer

- he uses Yahoo toolbar

- he uses yahoo chat (exploits)

and no linkscanner or something of that kind

pretty naked




and the site is still down






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Are you sure ???? How sure are you all that the website is hosted at the offices of the federal police ?
And how do you know that they used a root user ? Maybe are there other ways ? It's a PHP website...

Gepost door: Jean Pascal | 25-06-07

update the guys zere traced but they were no pros
I give them that
they didnt find the hackers of mil.be

after my holidays Ill come back on this one
there was more than one mistake

lazy len in the blazing sun

Gepost door: mailforlen | 26-06-07

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