MPACk warning for webadministrators

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This is all it takes to be inserted in a comment or forum or blog or website or behind a picture to redirect you to a website that is infected with MPACK that will test your visitors against a whole series of vulnerabilities against which they mostly won't be defended against. As last week was very rich with new usable exploits against popular software, upgrades of the MPACK will even give more possibilities to the botnet users.


And every website that has a possilibity or vulnerability that lets others insert html code can become a part of this every day growing list of infected websites.

Wordpress users should upgrade their version very quickly, they are vulnerable.


Apache users should know that a vulnerability on one of the sites can make all the other sites hosted on the same server also make vulnerable if their Apache is not enough secured.


and there is also a problem with vbulletin, cpanel etc... etc... etc...

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