1000+ RSS feeds in Bloglines checked on bloglines

The following categories of feeds are accessable for your pleasure and information (and mine but why should I keep it all for myself ?).

The surprising thing is that you can find feeds in my main three languages in some categories  (flemish, french and english). I have seen that a lot of security blogs are written in spanish or portugese (mostly hacking blogs) but for the moment I didn't start learning that language, as is my intention (as I promised my wife). When I do I will add some spanish blogs also.


  • Expand ekzekz  (what is being added and written)
  • Expand security headlinessecurity headlines (from publications)
  • Expand security blogssecurity blogs (from researchers and underground)
  • Expand techblogstechblogs  (from writers and geeks)
  • Expand security readingsecurity reading (from publications)
  • Expand security communitysecurity community  (discussion lists)
  • Expand security podcastssecurity podcasts ( to be seen)
  • Expand spywarespyware (the newest and research)
  • Expand virusvirus  (the newest and research)
  • Expand spamspam (research)
  • Expand vulnerabilitiesvulnerabilities (the newest and research)
  • Expand EgovEgov (about egov)
  • Expand IT newsIT news (headlines in English)
  • Expand IT nieuws nederlandsIT nieuws nederlands ( nederlandse publicaties)
  • Expand IT nouvelles frIT nouvelles fr (en français)
  • Expand IT lawsIT laws
  • Expand privacy and ID theftprivacy and ID theft (and spying)
  • Expand forensicsforensics
  • Expand copyrightcopyright (and P2P)
  • Expand softwaresoftware (freeware)
  • Expand microsoftmicrosoft (about)
  • Expand security softsecurity soft
  • Expand networknetwork
  • Expand wirelesswireless
  • Expand web2.Oweb2.0
  • Expand mapsmaps
  • Expand bloggingblogging
  • Expand searchtoolssearchtools
  • Expand webmasterswebmasters (SEO and so on)
  • Expand ReportsReports (publications)
  • Expand scribdscribd (my favourite scribders)
  • Expand headlines and commentheadlines and comment (news from around the world)
  • Expand sitessites (if you don't know where to surf)
  • Expand multimediamultimedia (VIDEO's)
  • Expand FunFun
  • Expand gadgetsgadgets
  • Expand comicscomics (english mostly)


    Most of tthe feeds have been checked. A lot have been stopped and a lot more have been added (mostly to security). Many more things will follow in the month to come.

    It is not because I am not blogging, that I am not working..... Only is blogging now not my top priority. This is putting the network of resources in order so that in september there will be a huge database of publications (scribd), a huge database of freeware updates (download),  a huge database of interesting feeds (bloglines) and a huge database of articles and stories (FURL) together with a important set of tools that can be integrated in a radarlike platform like netvibes.


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