things I would like to see added in Bloglines

First Bloglines is available in many different languages but it seems cumbersome to add feeds from different languages in one english environment because for example the accents go wrong.


It would be nice to have an integrated online translator added so you add for example german and spanish blogs without knowing the language but by which the translator service could give you more or less an idea what the heck it is about. I know that online automated translation tool are far from perfect and can be in for a good joke but it would be better than nothing.


Secondly I would really like to have subfolders. That way people like me with many feeds would be able to better organise their folders for example with subfolders for each language.


Thirdly printing or saving from the iframe with the content from the feed is sometimes a hassle and a pop up button should be available so you could see, print or save the feed in a seperate window.


Fourthly it would be interesting to be able to watch what new feeds other people are adding. Some bloglinescollections I found were interesting and I have copied a sample of their feeds. Other people copy feeds from my collection, but it would be interesting that each collection would have feed and that that feed can be organised.


Five I wouldn't be able to live without it because of all the tests I have done no other alternative works so fast if you have a big collection. For me it has also become the search engine for my popular resources on the internet.

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