brutele.be is the reason the New telecom law should be applied

The new telecom law has not been applied as previewed by the old government even if the amendments to secure the internet were proposed by one of its own political parties (SPA) and at that time supported by the opposition CDV. These put the responsability for the security of their infrastructure and that of their clients on the ISP's. Those articles have not been applied and put into practice untill now even if the two responsable ministers Verwilghen and Vandenbossche said that they were supporters of the consumers and each had their own laughable petprojects about security on the internet - as other ministers had (too much money and too little strategic thinking).


On the list http://be-hacked.skynetblogs.be  are now also put servers that send out spam and viruses and later we will put servers that are vulnerable on the list. The hacked list will not only contain servers that are hacked but that are hackable or vulnerable or that are known on the internet as malicious zombies or servers.


Trustedsource and the projecthoneypot both identify the infrastructure of brutele.be as one of the weakest links in the security of the Belgian Internet. The number of comprosmised posts and servers is too much even for me to continue to list on that list. As an example some are put but with both indexes you can find many more.


As on the internet the safety of one is accomplished by the safety of the others this is a very dangereous situation indeed. The more that brutele is not in a little province or commune but is on the territory of the capital of Europe where many national and international instutions and corporations are based. As attacks start with scanning and infecting the points closest to the first victim this situation can have greater effects on the rest of the infrastructure in Brussels.


So will someone wake up or is everybody dreaming about the sun in Spain ?

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