new list of Belgian hacked sites

Seems some servers were hacked yesterday with a lot of Belgian domains on it. Well if you don't read any security news and you pretend to be a serious administrator than you don't know that probably Apache has a big problem now if it is not very well configured and so one security hole in one site becomes a problem for all the installed sites on the server. Also it is clear that some Belgian sites or servers don't care at all that there sites are hacked and still have their hacked pages up and running, some even on the fhomepage. But as long as it is not a site from the Belgian military or the police, who cares. Let all these hacked servers and sites stay in the hand of the hackers. Let them place viruses, files and other stuff on them, why not ? Who cares ? Nobody is responsable here for anything on the cyberfront, so why should you care ?


And the Belgian cyberpolice is very busy in virtual worlds and giving conferences blablabla but cleaning up ? So nobody is learning from the MPACK affair in which normal sites where hacked not for pseudo searchengines, not for phishing sites, not to place viruses or illegal files or just to deface a bit, but to add zombies to their botnet. But why would you care if even the cyberpolice doesn't care ?


One exceptional thing is that the first userpage (from Telenet-) has been hacked something that is now becoming a plague in the free.fr community in France.


 the list you can find as usual on http://be-hacked.skynetblogs.be   with the stream from Furl


Due to security limitations not all pages cached will show all graphics and effects of the hack because I have seen that all the normal antimalware software left through a lot of 'heuristic' stuff that was only discovered days later.


An important lesson for real webmasters.Get your own host and get out of shared hosting. If you want to be in the same garage as the most stupid kid on the block it is your choice but do not wine afterwards that your online image or business has gone broke because your shared server was owned. You really have to be a very stupid businessmen to still have sites on shared hosting if you know that it only costs a fraction more.And keep your things secure. Not only for your own business but for all of us. Nobody else will do it for you or will clean up the mess for you afterwards.


On the belgian web you are on your own. Really. Nobody will halt the attacks and viruses for you before they arrive at your network or server. Even if this is a legal obligation in the New Belgian Telecom Law. Maybe Test Achats should go to court (after Sabam) and ask that the ISP's execute the law and do the right thing.


The RSS feed of the only update on defaced sites for the moment (as zone-h.org goes more offline than online and destroys its archive every so many days)


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