how many people from your country visit pro jihad forums

The following is based on an analysis of 4,593 IP addresses (1,452 unique IP addresses). The IPs were acquired from 19 of the more prominent of the Salafist/Jihadist forums, including both Arabic and non-Arabic forums, from 01 January through 30 April of this year. For reasons of operational security we are not able to identify the specific sites sampled, except to note that the list of of sites will bear a striking resemblance to current or former "Top Sites" lists published at internet-haganah.org. (for the moment under reconstruction)




For Belgium this means around 30 active unique IP adresses on active pro jihad forums known to security services at that time.

But how do you find them through proxies ? Except if these proxies cooperate with security services for this specific list of sites or kind of sites..... And Tor. Tor is already compromised and trackable .....

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