I didn't hack the BCC site

To be sure that everybody understands it all right. I didn't hack the BCC site, I don't know who hacked the BCC site and I didn't scan the BCC site for vulnerabilities nor published any of them. If somebody would start publishing scanning results from vulnerabilityresearch on the Belgian web than we may have much more to fear.


I don't accept that it happens. I just don't accept at the other side that it is so easy to hack important sites and infrastructure in Belgium because nobody cares about security the way they should do and this is because the lawmakers don't give a damn. Maybe Leterme and the new government but who knows ?


You should be stupid to hack or scan a Belgian site because the laws are very stiff on this as the hacking of the polfed site showed. But as long as the ISP's don't protect their clients against hacking attacks and hosting firms that aren't professional enough to withstand those attacks are allowed to operate.


This is IT security activism and you don't need to hack for this. You just take the examples from zone-h.org and your case is proven. Period. I rest my case.

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