hitgeist shows the number of visitors according to Alexa

For belgium for the last 5 years the order of belgian sites on the international scene is quite clear


google.be  4760.0

skynet.be  1110.0

telenet.be  770.0

ebay.be    640.0

pornoamateurs 365.0  (US and international traffic)

hln.be  355.0  95% belgian

kapaza 195.0  91% belgain

msn.be 195.0  93% belgian

skins.be 165.0 US and international (porn)

2dehands 155.0  90% belgian and dutch

redbox.be 155  93% belgian

zita.be 140  93% belgian

skynetblogs.be 130  38% Belgian


More sites and information can be found here



It is interesting to note that most of our belgian sites don't seem to have an impact on the dutch or french market - or the international market. Of course these are just indicators and there are some methodological questions, but for the moment it is only one of the methods we have so long as we can't compare real visit traffic counts from the servers (if we arrive at having them to tell us exactly the same thing).

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