Are your DNS server already patched ? Pharming danger.

It seems that very important DNS servers in Belgium are not being patched and that some of these very important structural DNS server are running on versions that can be remotely hijacked and even can't guarantee any protection against the new techniques of pharming and cache poisioning.


It is well enough to be independent and to have no overview than yourself and a silent committee without any representatives of the consumers or domain owners, but the least you could do if you are making millions and you are a war chest big enough to do somethings professionally is to be sure that your corebusiness is in order.


For the other firms it is important to update your dns server is you are working with money online because what is the sense of investing millions in antiphishing and antifraud if you let important DNS servers open so that your users will be redirected en masse before you can do anything. Pharming is industrial phishing , no more or less.

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