Clearstream scandal is the result of good forensics

If you are in a legal sector (whatever wherever) it is about time that you start reading about forensics and send specialists for training to the US if you want to be sure that you will have all the possibilities to defend or prosecute your clients - targets.


The Clearstream affaire in France for which an ex prime minister is now charged and for which Chirac the ex president may be charged if rumor is to be believed is a perfect example of good forensics. While Sakorzy was still minister and not president (although he made it clear that he intended to run for President) documents surfaced claiming that he had secret accounts. The papers were said to be 'hacked' listing of clients with secret accounts. After a thorough forensic investigation it became clear that the papers were fabricated. The question remained by who and why and who used the documents and leaked them.


This investigation was running into a wall of silence or declarations without backup and cleaned up computers. Only the secretary of one of the actors in the scandal had erased some personal notes about the affair from her computer. Well, she was convinced she had erased the files, but they were able to find enough parts and bits to reconstruct the file and so they had find the document that could backup the declaration of the assistant who claimed that the ex prime minister was the main actor. (It looks like Watergate all over again).


The lesson of this is, if you want to write things down for your own memory don't put it into the memory of a computer. It is easier to burn a paper than to erase a computer.

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