Our digital ID isn't used for ebanking

I am not going to use ebanking this way, but some friends are so, I helped them secure their pc. Once done I asked where was the cardreader ? No cardreader. Ok where was the cardreader for the digital ID ? Not necessary. The bank decided that only online without double identification was more than enough. This while there is a big controversy going on in the online finance world that for financial transactions and information double Identification is the best way to protect the users.


and as a last note. The passwords and codes on the letters were valid for one month it said. It wasn't. And what was more, the helpdesk is only open during office hours. So ebanking is for this bank for people that are not working. Great marketing that.


But why the heck do we need to spend all that time on a new digital ID if no bank is going to use it for online identification and other stuff (coupled with other passwords) ? Now and than we read that this or that gouvernement or firm is interested in buying our digital ID product. But as with digital television it seems all talk and no action.

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