No internetsecurity in the plans from Leterme

During the negotiations for the new government there is not one sentence about better securing the internet in Belgium, nor about enforcing the New Telecom Law that has been voted now more than a year ago and still doesn't have the necessary administrative and budgetary actions. During the last governement every minister did a bit what he wanted without any coordination and as no one had the necessary funds to do something important they even set up actions with the private sector that saw it more as just another PR action. The Federal ICT department had no authority to oblige other departments and projects to include security and best practices into their products (remember the RFID passports without any protection). The Cyberpolice arrested some naive stupid hackers the day after their hack of the police site and some pedophiles but the hacking storm from Turkey was left untouched and hacked servers kept just running without being cleaned up fast enough. The biggest group of complaints they received was about Nigerian scams - so you ask themselves how much more education do you have to give to people if they keep on believing such stupidity ? So if the New government and Minister won't do anything and the press keeps on respecting the omerta about ITsecurity the state of the Belgian internet will just worsen because if you don't adopt to the new challenges, you just fall behind more and more. And yes the Belgian parlement should play a more investigating role.

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