What does the chinese firewall have in common with the Belgian RIAA

Sabam is becoming worse than the American RIAA. They are directly attacking the ISP's for not blocking MP3. They think that there are 7 ways to do it, as if the digital redistribution will be stopped on the network or even outside it.

But the question by Sabam is as limited in its scope and societal responsability as the Chinese digital censor wall. The chinese web is now one of the biggest infected networks around the world. Some say that as many as 45 million chinese computers are infected by different viruses and bots. But none of those are blocked by that enormous filter that is operated by thousands of civil servants / soldiers (by some Americans called the biggest cyberarmy on earth - forgotting that even the US is regrouping thousands of soldiers behind computers with hacking and defense tools). *

That is what unites Sabam and the Chinese political censor. A total lack of societal engagement. They only want to filter what hurts their power and business, not what is bad for the network or the digital society, that doesn't interest them at all. Or maybe they dislike the digital society so much they just don't want anybody to do something serious about its present state of insecurity.

* do not ask me what the Belgian army is doing on cyberdefense. Under the last government there was an intention to form a working group for the critical infrastructure but nothing worthwhile seem to have come of it. It will be too late when they will realize that digital infrastructure is very critical.

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