Files of the Lernaut and Hauspie trial on the web

The first stage of leakage has begon in the upcoming trial of the Lernaut Hauspie scandal (you know the locals from here that promised us to become the next microsoft and while doing that burned all the money all their believers gave them). Apart from the fact that we have been waiting 6 years on this trial and that the case itself has a 400.000 pages to go through, some 600 crucial pages have become semi-public. The 600 pages that the public prosecutor was going to present beginning of october have been read and commented by some journalists who have published limited parts of it.

The question is if it wouldn't be important to make all the important pieces of the trial public so the public - because we were losers in some way - public. This way the possibility of a mistrial is maybe less.

The two important links you can find here (in dutch)

http://www.tijd.be/geld_beleggen/lhsp/artikel.asp?Id=3130...  dossier lernaut


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