How to bypass wikiscanner

So you want to change things on wikiscanner without being discovered as the firm or institute that is responsable for the changes ?

* do it from home and look for an ISP that gives you each time you log on another IP address

* use a proxy to connect to wikipedia, change often your proxy

* hire an outside firm with the obligation to change very often from username and IP address

Whatever you do, do it wisely

* do not vandalize a page from the beginning, begin with building up a reputation by correcting facts and grammar and adding interesting links

The best thing is to keep it building up so it becomes too big after a while to be closely guarded by the freelancer

* change negative words by less negative words in a second stage

* change language, maybe you can't get control over the english pages, but can you write whatever you want on the same pages in another language

* if you have control over a page or subject than you have to build up traffic by submmitting the link all over the web so that you get the position in the search engines and the neutral pages don't.

I told you that this is stupedia, you are stupid to believe this is a system with controlled content, this system is just out of control.

I am not connected to any publisher, I just hate the blatant anti-encyclopedia position of the founder of wikipedia. Facts, nothing but the facts.

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